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M&M International Valves Authorized Repair Facility

4 min read

Authorized Repair Facilities: Enhancing Service Excellence

At M&M International, our commitment to exceptional service drives us to continuously innovate and improve. In this blog, we delve into one of the...

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A man's hands in orange gloves working on swivels

4 min read

Swivels For Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

In the manufacturing and industrial sectors, the functionality and reliability of equipment are paramount. One of the key components that ensure...

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2 min read

Top Drive Safety Valves and OEMs

With a rich heritage spanning decades, M&M International has been at the forefront of crafting upper and lower top drive valves. Engineered...

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3 min read

The Importance of a Crossover Sub

There are various types of subs used in drilling, but one of the most crucial is the crossover sub. Let's examine the significance of this sub and...

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