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Inside BOP Valves

Inside Blow-Out Preventers (IBOPs)

An IBOP is a “dart” type pressure sealing device that has a conical head which mates to a conical negative sealing surface. This design allows for one-way pressure containment.

M&M offers two variations of “dart type” inside blow-out preventers (IBOPs). The traditional style is two-piece and is similar in construction to other dart type IBOPs. Recognizing the need to reduce as many internal connections as possible we have also developed a one piece IBOP.

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IBOP Hero.

One-Piece Inside Blow-Out PreventersOne-Piece Inside Blow-Out Preventers

M&M’s One-Piece Internal Blow-Out Preventer offers all the same functionality of a traditional two-piece design, but with the addition of several key benefits.

Two-Piece Inside Blow-Out Preventers

Two-Piece Inside Blow-Out Preventers

M&M’s Two-Piece Internal Blow-Out Preventer is our improved version of the long-time standard for dart valves in the industry.

Looking for a customized IBOP solution?

Our team can create and produce IBOPs that meet all industry standards. Contact us directly to begin your project!