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Who We Are

Experts in Oil and Gas Valves

M&M International is a family owned and operated original equipment manufacturer specializing in high-pressure kelly valves, safety valves, top drive valves, and inside BOP valves utilized during the exploration, completion, and production of oil and natural gas wells.


Provide best in class products and services through excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and support.



Deliver to customers what they need, when they need it, every time.

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Provide value, security, and peace of mind to all who interact with us.

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Our History

M&M International's rich heritage spans across four generations in the oil and gas industry and three generations in precision machine metal working.


M&M International was established.

In 1980 M&M International (formerly M&M Supply Company) was established by brothers D. John McKnight and Brent H. McKnight with a primary focus on the manufacturing and sales of our Standard Two-Piece Kelly and Safety Valves, as well as Inside Blowout Preventers and various other drill-stem accessories.

Two piece safety valve


M&M International received the patents for CANISTER GUARD®, SURE-STOP™, CHECK-SEAL™, and LITE-TORC™.

In 1990, M&M International received United States patents for CANISTER GUARD®, SURE-STOP™ and CHECK-SEAL™ applications & technologies. Soon after, M&M International began focusing on developing the CANISTER GUARD®, SURE-STOP™ and CHECK-SEAL™ technologies into a viable, salable product. In 1995, our company officially changed its name to M&M International. In 1997, the patent for our LITE-TORC™ technology was received.

Initial images of Canister Guard technology


CANISTER GUARD® technology quickly brought M&M to the forefront of the well control valve sector.

The 2000’s ushered in a period of fantastic growth for M&M International.  Our CANISTER GUARD® technology quickly gained industry-wide recognition and brought M&M to the forefront of the well control valve sector.  Customers in both the onshore and offshore drilling spaces came to rely on the functionality and durability of the CANISTER GUARD®.  Many crucial additions in personnel, equipment, and facilities were made during this time in response to the strong demand seen from our loyal customers and the market as a whole.

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M&M International outgrew its 52,000 sq. ft. building and moved to a larger, perfectly tailored 118,000 sq. ft. facility to accommodate its growth.

The 2010’s brought new and exciting opportunities for M&M International to incorporate its expertise in valve technology into other products needed by the industry.  Many specialized valve and well control products were designed and manufactured by the M&M Team during this period, solidifying the company as a reliable problem solver when it came to well and pressure control issues.  In 2012, M&M constructed a 52,000 square foot addition to accommodate for growth, and by 2018 the company had outgrown its long-time home and moved to a larger facility.  Once the move was complete, M&M International would occupy approximately 118,000 square feet of facility and would have a foundation on which to build for many years to come.

M&M International's new warehouse facility in Broussard, LA

2020's and Beyond

M&M is still focused on increasing its offering for our customers through new products and a rapidly growing machine services offering.

Today, M&M International continues to design and manufacture Best In Class well control valve equipment, as well as a wide assortment of other products needed by our long-time customers in the drilling, completion, and production space of the energy industry.  While this part of our business is still very much a priority, M&M is still focused on increasing its offering for our customers through new products and a rapidly growing machine services offering.  We are always on the lookout for ways to add value for our customers, both through increased capabilities and expertise.  The future looks bright, and we pray that quality products, outstanding customer service, and hard work will continue to bring success to M&M and its team members.

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