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The Importance of a Crossover Sub

The Importance of a Crossover Sub

There are various types of subs used in drilling, but one of the most crucial is the crossover sub. Let's examine the significance of this sub and highlight some of its key features.
1. What is a Crossover Sub?

2. What Are The Uses of Crossover Subs?

3. What is the Importance of a Crossover Sub?

4. Standard and Premium Crossover Subs?

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What is a crossover sub?

The term "crossover sub" is used to describe a mechanical component with threaded connections. It's used to connect components with different sizes or thread types.

Crossover subs are most often found in the drill pipe between the drill pipe and drill collars, as well as at other locations throughout the drill string. These components let the driller modify installations according to their field conditions.

What are the uses of crossover subs?

Crossover subs typically provide the connection between drill pipes and collars, and are typically designed with a box and threads.

When two threaded components are joined, one end of the crossover sub is built to match the thread pattern of one of the components to be joined, and the other end is built to match the thread pattern of the second component. Drilling rigs generally include a wide range of crossover subs and operators utilize them as needed to join disparate parts.

The subs' threaded connections can be protected by a layer of phosphate-coated material that prevents galling during the initial make-up and deters corrosion. Subs are manufactured according to the specifications that are provided by the American Petroleum Institute API.

What is the importance of a crossover sub?

Crossover subs are an important part of any drilling operation

Crossover subs are an important component of every drilling operation as they provide the flexibility to adapt the drill string to the specific requirements of the well-being drilled. They are also used to repair damaged sections of the drill string and to connect dissimilar parts of the drill string. Crossover subs play a vital role in ensuring the safe and successful completion of drilling operations.

Crossover circulating subs are essential for fluid management in drilling operations

According to the demands of clients or the specific job in question, a variety of companies offer or produce crossover circulating subs. These subs are equipped with a side port or an inline port to assist in the circulation of fluids. The majority of the connections are cut to meet safety and ground requirements. They're made from heat-treated steel for greater strength and durability.

Crossover subs are used for several purposes

Crossover subs are used to transition from a single connection to another. These components are also utilized to extend the life of more expensive drill stem components. Crossover subs are available in three different forms. Connections on subs are available in three variations:

  • Box/Box
  • Box/Pin
  • Pin/Pin

Standard and premium crossover subs

Companies like M&M International and Superior Performance have standard and premium connection crossover subs available. These short subassemblies used to connect components of different sizes and/or with different threads are essential when linking connections or to drill pipe.

M&M international carries crossovers ranging in size from 2 3/8 inches to 20 inches in various connection options. Additional sizes and connections can be special ordered. 

Request a quote today to get your custom crossover subs!

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The Importance of a Crossover Sub

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There are various types of subs used in drilling, but one of the most crucial is the crossover sub. Let's examine the significance of this sub and...

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