We are very excited to welcome Adam Judice as Executive Salesperson to Team M&M International!  Adam spent most of his career with Knight Oil Tools, starting out as a Whipstock and Fishing Supervisor and working his way up through the ranks to Director of Sales over the Louisiana, Mid-Con, and Rockies Regions.  He also spent time as Operations Manager of Stokes & Spiehler and as Business Development Manager for Drill Cuttings Disposal Company.  Working with well control valves during his 14 years in the fishing and rental space gave him an excellent foundation to draw on as he helps in serving our customers.  Adam chose to join our team for many reasons, most notably because it is a 40+ year family-owned company that is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.  Adam said that M&M “feels genuine in the way people work together as a Team.”  He believes this “creates a positive atmosphere”, which he feels is very important and “critical to success in an industry as tough as the oilfield.”  Adam also noted the organizational and operational impressiveness of the facility as a reason for joining the M&M Team.  “The attention to detail was evident.”  He believes that consistency equals quality, and the way the M&M shop operates encourages consistency.

“I believe I can make a difference and I see an opportunity to finish my career with a locally owned and operated company that I believe in, while working with people I am friends with!”  Adam Judice

Well said Adam!  We are thrilled to have you on the team!

Help us welcome Bart Broussard to the M&M Family!

Bart began his career as a machinist for Machine Specialty & Manufacturing back in 1985. There he would eventually become Shop Foreman, CNC Programmer, and Production Supervisor. After 14 years at Machine Supply, he went to work as a machinist for Halliburton where he found new opportunity and challenges that helped him further sharpen his skills. He later moved into a Quality Control position at Halliburton where he worked closely with Engineering to solve process issues associated with completion and liner hanger products. Bart spent 22 years at Halliburton before joining our M&M Team.

“I enjoy working at M&M because of the culture and the people who work here. I like that everyone comes together to solve problems and get the job done with a team effort.” -Bart Broussard

Help us welcome Ernie Theriot to the M&M Family!

By trade, Ernie is a journeyman machinist and has over 42 years of manufacturing experience. He got his start in 1978 with Cameron Iron Works in Houston and would spend almost his entire career with Cameron.  He enrolled in a 3-year machinist apprenticeship in 1980 and finished in 1983. He then relocated to Ville Platte where he developed a 6-week machinist training program for Cameron and he trained 100 people over a 3-year period, while also serving as the machine shop lead. After that he worked as a Manufacturing Technician, working with engineering and the machine shop in developing processes until 1997. Ernie then managed the tool crib as well as the tool & die shop, until becoming a manufacturing engineering, where he would continue to work with engineering and supervise the CNC programming department.  He would ultimately become Manufacturing Engineering Manager.   In 2005 he relocated back to Houston where he served as Supplier Quality Engineer for Cameron. He traveled abroad to different supplier locations to help the supplier understand how to make Cameron parts. He would eventually serve again as Manufacturing Engineering Manager until 2018. He left to go to work for M&M for a brief period before going back to Cameron Schlumberger in Oklahoma as a Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor. Then came 2020, when the plant closed due to COVID and the downturn. Fortunately, he was able to get an opportunity to work again for M&M and am he is happy to be back with the team.

“I really like the people here at M&M from top to bottom. Everyone has been supportive and I’m very blessed to be a part of this organization. I believe M&M makes a superior quality product and the people here are dedicated to their work.” – Ernie Theriot


MEET OUR TEAM! Tripp Staples, Executive Vice President

Tripp has been an integral part of M&M International since joining the team as a young mechanical engineer back in 2003.  He spent several years learning about and designing the M&M product line, eventually becoming the head of our Engineering Department.

Tripp has a hands-on approach to engineering and has always been one to get out into the shop and turn a wrench when needed.  He has designed and assembled numerous products and prototypes over the years.  He is not just all about engineering though, Tripp is a dynamic communicator and has strong interpersonal skills.  He has the ability to customer-face on any issues that might arise, including the difficult technical issues in which he is extremely well versed.  This ability has helped him become a vital member of our Sales Department.  In fact, Tripp oversees all the sales of our products and services in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Beyond these roles, attributes, and accomplishments, Tripp is a member of the three-person Executive Team of M&M International and is among the most capable leaders in the company.  He graduated from Catholic High School in New Iberia, Louisiana and thereafter attended Louisiana State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree, Mechanical Engineering, in 2002.

Thanks for all you do to help make M&M International a Best In Class company Tripp!

The mischaracterization we face in the petroleum industry has become a frustrating reality that is not likely to go away anytime soon. In many cases, our schools are teaching an abridged negative view of our industry that is purposefully creating a huge misconception for the generations to come. No industry is perfect, but overall our industry is extremely responsible and has taken huge strides in decreasing negative environmental impacts. These advances and the continued focus on improvement should be a source of pride rather than shame.

Aside from education, we should challenge the people and companies blindly taking anti-oil and gas stances to put their money where their mouth is.  Let them be the first to stop driving, flying, and using all products derived from petroleum.

Learn more about what items are made with petroleum at

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