Ball Valves

Our ball valves offer bi-directional sealing. The valves can be remotely or manually actuated by engaging and operating stem on the outside of the valve body.

Canister Guard® Valves

One-Piece Kelly Valves with Canister Guard®

Our One-Piece CANISTER GUARD® Kelly Valves are extremely versatile and can be utilized in multiple drill string applications. Depending on the customer’s desired configuration, they can be used as upper/lower kelly cocks, stabbing valves, or as
mud saver valves.

Two-Piece Kelly Valves with Canister Guard®

Our Two-Piece CANISTER GUARD® Kelly Valves include the features of our one-piece valves while also allowing for larger inside diameters than are possible in one-piece configurations. Along with allowing a more expanded range of capabilities through the larger inside diameter, the two-piece design can also add ample length for connection recuts.

Two-piece kelly valves can be manufactured to all of the same standards as one-piece kelly valves and include all of the same patented technologies.

Two-Piece Safety Valves with Canister Guard®

Our Two-Piece Safety Valves also incorporate our CANISTER GUARD® technology and can be designed and manufactured with any tubing, casing, or drill pipe connection(s).

When workover and/or completion activities call for a full-bore opening safety valve, this valve will ensure safety and peace of mind during your operations.

Top Drive Safety Valves with Canister Guard®

We manufacture valves and saver subs that are specially designed to operate in conjunction with various makes and models of top drive. Our upper and lower top drive valves incorporate all the CANISTER GUARD® technologies that make M&M International valves superior to other designs.

Top Drive Safety Valves with Bottom Load™ System & Canister Guard®

M&M’s Top Drive Safety Valve Bottom Load™ lower valves have an extended pin nose profile that matches the mating ID profile of M&M’s Top Drive Safety Valve Bottom Load™ upper valves. These valve systems have the all-important, rig downtime saving, Bottom Load™ feature. When the time comes for scheduled routine maintenance, the lower valve only needs to be removed to allow quick and easy access to the upper valve’s internal components.

Along with its innovative design features and our CANISTER GUARD® technology, the Top Drive Safety Valve Bottom Load™ system allows for the quickest possible inspection and/or redress procedure. Since its inception over 20 years ago, M&M’s Top Drive Safety Valve Bottom Load™ system has saved countless hours of rig downtime.

Three-Piece Safety Valves with Canister Guard®

Our innovative Three-Piece Safety Valve (“3PV”) with CANISTER GUARD® design is a proven winner when it comes to how versatile a larger more expensive valve can be. One, or both, of the end pieces of the 3PV can be removed and easily switched out in the event of connection damage or if a connection change is required. Spare end pieces can be kept on the rig floor for easy replacement should the need arise. Further, end pieces with different connections can be kept on the shelf by the customer allowing the same 3PV to be used on another job requiring different connections.