M&M International sources the best raw materials for use in our products, such as drill safety stem valves (DSSV), canister valves, inside BOP valves (or IBOP valves), Kelly cocks and Kelly valves, safety valves, side entry subs, mudsavers, and topdrive valves. Material traceability is maintained throughout all phases of manufacturing.

canister valveWhere Canister Guard is referenced in the name of any of our products it indicates that the product contains all of our Canister Guard modular technologies. All Canister Guard valves incorporate M&M's LITE-TORC, SURE-STOP, and CHECK-SEAL technologies.

  • All Canister Guard valves offer bi-directional pressure containment. Canister Guard valves are available with API or proprietary end connectors per request.
  • All Canister Guard valves are available in both 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi working pressures as well as "standard" and H2S services.*
  • Upon request, Canister Guard valves can be designed to meet API 7-1 and other industry standards as applicable.

*A valve's maximum rated working pressure may be limited by the pressure rating of the end connection.

Ball Valves

Inside BOP Valves (IBOPs)





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