Services - M&M International
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M&M is focused more than ever on the services our company offers. We continually seek to further expand and improve existing services while looking for opportunities to offer new services to our customers. Our in-house design department provides our customers with the potential to bring us an idea, a set of requirements, or problem and come away with a product designed specifically for their purposes.

  • Design

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Repair

  • Torquing Services

  • Zinc Phosphating



M&M has developed many product specifications that are tailored to particular customer requirements. Some M&M customers have over one-hundred part numbers whose manufacturing processes reflect requirements that are specific to their company’s internal specifications and requirements.

While the most common specification that our products are designed to meet is API 7-1, our engineers are routinely asked for elements of our designs to meet several other industry specifications.


Hydrostatic Testing

M&M International has successfully hydrostatically tested countless thousands of products. Our testing department has an inventory of test subs for over 240 different threaded connectors. Our facility currently has 3 test stalls with reinforced safety barriers.

M&M operates a large hydrostatic test facility at our location in Broussard, LA. The test facility has multiple hydrostatic testing stalls with the capability of testing large assemblies.

If you have any questions about contracting M&M’s testing services please contact our testing department.



In an industry as rough as ours it is to be expected that equipment will eventually end up in a state of disrepair. M&M International stands behind all of our products and therefore operates a large repair department that continues to grow.

Once disassembled, all repair products entering M&M’s facility receive an initial non-destructive examination (NDE) by an independent third-party inspector. After NDE is completed, we then evaluate the bodies and parts in order to process a quote for the customer. Years of experience allow M&M’s repair personnel to know which parts are acceptable and which parts need replacing.

When necessary, our repair department will work with M&M engineers to refit an existing product in order to keep the product in service.

  • Quick turn-around.
  • We guarantee it to work as it leaves our facility.
  • We are cost competitive and service oriented.

Torquing Services

M&M International now offers in-house assembly make-up, connection break-in, and breakout disassembly services. Our bucking unit can torque assemblies with OD’s as large as 22 inches and lengths in excess of 36 feet.

Performing torquing services in-house allows M&M to offer shorter lead times to our customers when make & break is required.


Zinc Phosphating

Zinc phosphate treatment is recommended by API as an anti-corrosive/anti-gall surface treatment.

M&M’s Zinc Phosphate facility has been operating since August 2010. Our phosphate tank is 4′ x 8′ x 3-3/4′ internally.

As with all of our services, the goal of bringing phosphate operations in-house was to offer our customers shorter lead times and a better overall product.