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All of M&M’s drill stem subs are designed and manufactured to meet API 7-1. Specific designs can be made to meet individual customer specifications.

Integral Single & Double Side-Entry Subs

M&M stocks the large rough forgings we use to make our single and dual side-entry subs. Forgings create a stronger product than normal hot-rolled bar. Making side-entry subs from forgings results in shorter lead times because it allows manufacturing to begin when the material is closer to its finished size while removing the need for post heat treating.

Our integral double side-entry sub does not have a through bore that runs from the box connection to the pin connection; this isolates the two connections allowing for testing in either direction independent of the other.

Our integral side-entry subs are preferred over welded non-integral side-entry subs due to their quality and strength. With ample room for recuts and your choice of hammer union, these subs are good for years of service.

Custom options are possible with these products.

Pump-In, Crossover & Saver Subs

M&M offers pump-in subs made to order with your choice of hammer union. M&M stocks several common saver & crossover subs but we also make saver & crossover subs to suit our customers’ requirements and specifications.