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M&M International sources the best raw materials for use in our products, such as drill stem safety valves (DSSV), canister valves, inside BOP valves (or IBOP valves), Kelly cocks and Kelly valves, safety valves, side entry subs, mudsavers, and top drive valves. Material traceability is maintained throughout all phases of manufacturing.



Where Canister Guard is referenced in the name of any of our products, it indicates that the product contains all of our Canister Guard modular technologies. All Canister Guard valves incorporate M&M’s LITE-TORC, SURE-STOP, and CHECK-SEAL technologies.

One of the most innovative features of the M&M CANISTER GUARD®, as the name implies, is the canister, which allows modular loading of the internal parts during valve redressing All internal parts, except for the operating stem is placed in the valve body and turned to the closed position. The canister (in the closed position) is lowered into the valve body and seated with the tap of a hammer handle or wooden dowel. After the canister is in place, it is a simple matter to locate the locking segments in their groove, drop in the support ring, and insert the spiral retainer ring. Redressing is complete. M&M’s CANISTER GUARD® is patented.

  • All Canister Guard valves offer bi-directional pressure containment. Canister Guard valves are available with API or proprietary end connectors per request.
  • All Canister Guard valves are available in both 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi working pressures as well as “standard” and H2S services.*
  • Upon request, Canister Guard valves can be designed to meet API 7-1 and other industry standards as applicable.


M&M’s latest innovation, involves solving two of the most important deficiencies of all other known kelly valves, that of improved ability to close under significant flow and to easily operate under high balanced pressure conditions. Tests at Louisiana State University’s Petroleum Engineering Research and Technology Transfer Laboratory indicate that utilization of M&M’s LITE-TORC™ System drastically improved the ability of a valve so fitted to be closed under heavy flow at torque values manageable by one man with a standard 12″ valve wrench. Further, once closed, well bore pressure can slowly be balanced by pump pressure to allow the valve to be re-opened with less than 30 ft lbs of torque. This innovation has enormous potential to save lives, property and money for a modest additional cost. M&M’s LITE-TORC™ System is patented and available on all CANISTER GUARD® products.


The M&M Canister Guard SURE-STOP™ incorporates dual interior contact points to stop ball rotation in the fully open or closed position. Over rotation of the valve ball has been an industry problem due to inadequate stem stop contact area. The dual contact points, located entirely within the canister itself, adequately stop and keep the rotated ball in the proper opened or closed position without causing undue pressure to the valve body.

The M&M CANISTER GUARD’s® valve body cross section at the stem hole allows it to return to the industry standard 6-3/8 O.D. with significantly improved strength at this critical stress point. M&M’s SURE-STOP™ is patented.


The M&M CANISTER GUARD® incorporates a one way seal on the lower end of the canister, we call it the CHECK-SEAL™ because it operates as a check valve to maintain pressure sealing in only one direction. This allows well bore pressure to bypass the lower canister seat and affect a seal between ball and the upper seat; that is across the strongest portion of the ball. We are aware of no other kelly valve manufacturer that has this important capability designed into its product. M&M’s CHECK-SEAL™ is patented.