Product Documentation

The M&M Documentation Portal hosts all of our customers’ most up-to-date product documentation and certifications so you have access to what you need, when you need it.

In the portal, customers may search for and view all of the product documentation associated with their respective parts by serial number association. Search for documentation about our products, such as Search for documentation about our products, such as drill stem safety valves (DSSV), canister valvesinside BOP valves (or IBOP valves), Kelly cocks and Kelly valvessafety valvesside entry subsmudsavers, and topdrive valves.

Your New Product Documentation Portal

Access to our portal is free for all of our customers. To register for an account, visit and select Register. You will receive a link to set your password. If you forget your login information, visit the portal to reset your password.

It’s easy to access your documentation with our latest search filters: find serial numbers by P.O. or Part Number, view your order history and search history, and favorite your most frequently viewed serial numbers for easy access. Your privacy and security are important to us, so company administrators can also delegate access to their organization’s documentation so you’re always in control of who can view your product details.

At a minimum, part number, parts list, product description, material test reports (MTRs) and non-destructive examination (NDE) reports can be viewed for each serial number. In many cases, hydrostatic test charts and document books may be viewed as well.

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