Ball Valves

Our Ball valves offer bi-directional sealing. The valves can be remotely or manually actuated by engaging and operating stem on the outside of the valve body.

 One-Piece Canister Guard Kelly Valves

Our one-piece Canister Guard™ kelly valves are extremely versatile and can be utilized in multiple drill stem applications including use as upper/lower kelly cocks, upper/lower top drive valves, stabbing valves, or as mudsaver valves.

One-piece Canister Guard™ kelly valves are available with inside ball diameters ranging from 1.75” through 4.00” and in many outside diameter and length combinations.

Exploded Diagrams

Upper & Lower Kelly - Canister Sizes: 175-275, 300-400, 382 

Remote Upper Well Control Valve For Canrig/Hydril Actuator - Canister Sizes: 275, 306, 382

Two-Piece Canister Guard Kelly Valves

M&M International’s two-piece Canister Guard™ kelly valves allow for larger inside diameters than are possible in one-piece configuration and ample space for connection recuts.

Two-piece kelly valves can be manufactured to all of the same standards as our one-piece Kelly valves and include all of the same patented technologies.

Exploded Diagrams - Canister Sizes: 175-275, 300-462

Two-Piece Canister Guard Safety Valves

M&M International designs and manufactures our two-piece Canister Guard™ safety valves, with tubing, casing or drill pipe connections with inside ball diameters ranging from 1.75” to 8.75” and in many outside diameter and length combinations.

Two-piece safety valves generally consist of a larger middle body that tapers down to a smaller OD at each end nearer the connections.

Exploded Diagrams - Canister Sizes: 175-275, 300-500, 575-650

Top Drive Canister Guard Valves

M&M manufactures a variety of top drive valves that are compatible with various different top drives. These top drive valves typically include all of the Canister Guard™ technologies

Top drive Canister Guard™ valves are available with inside diameters ranging from 1.75” to 4.00”.

Please contact our Engineering/Design Department for information on part numbers & top drive compatibility.

Exploded Diagrams

"UPPER" Canister Sizes: 300-306, 382

"LOWER" Canister Sizes: 300-306, 382

Top Drive Bottom Load™ System

M&M's Bottom Load™ lower valves have a mating OD profile that matches the ID profile of M&M's Bottom Load™ upper valves. These valves have the all-important rig downtime saving Bottom Load™ feature and also include all of the other CANISTER GUARD™ features such as LITE-TORC™,SURE-STOP™ and CHECK-SEAL™.

Since its inception, M&M’s Bottom Load™ system has saved countless hours of rig downtime. When the time comes for scheduled routine maintenance, the lower valve only needs to be removed to allow quick and easy access to the upper valves internal components. M&M’s modular Canister Guard™ system allows for the quickest possible inspection or redress thanks to its innovative design features.

Exploded Diagrams

"UPPER" Canister Sizes: 306, 382

                        "LOWER" Canister Sizes: 306382

Old Standard Construction Safety & Kelly Valves

M&M old standard construction safety & kelly valves are similar to those produced by many other valve manufacturers. These valves are of the highest quality possible considering they do not incorporate M&M’s patented, advanced technologies.

As with all of our products M&M sources the highest quality stainless steels to precisely manufacture all internal parts in these valves.

Old standard construction safety & Kelly valves are available with ID’s up to 4.00”.









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